Conversation Between Doctor And Patient – English Conversation

This post is about how conversation goes between Doctor & Patient

conversation between doctor and patient

Mr. Verma enters in the clinic and what happens next.

Mr. Verma – Good Afternoon, Dr. Batra!

Dr. Batra – Good morning Mr. Verma! Why is your face down?

Mr. Verma – I don’t know since yesterday, I have a lot of headache and pain in my body. Don’t know what has happened, you will be able to tell to well.

Dr. Batra – Okay, let me check your body temperature.

Mr. Verma – Yes please!

(After some time Dr. Batra checked his temperature with the help with thermometer.)

Dr. Batra – Body temperature is above 100. Which is not good.

(After that he checks her blood pressure.)

Dr. Batra – Your blood pressure is okay.

(After checking blood pressure he(Dr. Batra) asked.)

Dr. Batra – Do you have cough also?

Mr. Verma – Yes a little.

Dr. Batra – I am writing down some medicines for your headache and body pain and for cough. You should take those medicines on time.

Mr. Verma – Do I have to take this medicine empty stomach?

Dr. Batra – No. You should not take any medicine empty stomach. Take medicine after eating something.

Mr. Verma – Any precautions I should take care of?

Dr. Batra – Yes, You do not have to eat outside food and you have to stay away from oily food too.

You have to eat more fruit and green vegetables.

Dr. Verma – Okay, Thanks Doctor.

Dr. Batra – It’s all right. Bye Take care.

Mr. Verma – Bye Dr. Batra!

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