What is Extempore Speech & Its Importance?

What is a speech?

Speech is the expression of your thoughts through verbal/oral communication mainly in front of people. It can be prepared speech or unprepared speech (extempore speech). So it’s time to know what is extempore speech ?

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What is an extempore or what is extempore speech?

As I have mentioned above, meaning of extempore speech is a speech or spoken anything without preparation.  It is also known as spontaneous speaking or impromptu speech. The topic is given on the spot at the time of speech.  That’s why people become nervous when it comes to situation speaking (extempore speech). Unlike, the prepared speech you won’t get a lot of time to writing down and practicing the speech.  You will be on the stage and have to deliver without any prior preparation. The importance of the extempore speech is it helps you think and develop presence of mind and it directly helps your brain to react fast.

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What are the things that are evaluated in an extempore speech?

The main objective of extempore speech is to evaluate or check the knowledge of candidate about specific topic and how he/she reacts at the time while speaking.

  1. Presence of Mind: Judges/crowd will evaluate that how quickly your brain process.
  2. Beginning/opening and ending: How you begin and and how you end will create an impression on audience.
  3. Thoughts: It describes the clarity of your thoughts.
  4. Last but not least “confidence”: An extempore speech is the best way to measure your tone at the time of speaking, facial expressions and movement of your hands.

What topic would i have to speak on extempore competition?

There are hundreds of topics out there on you can prepare for. Here are some topics on what you can prepare for.

How to overcome the fear of Extempore speech | How to prepare for Extempore Speech?

So you probably are seeking the solution of this problem. How to overcome the fear of extempore speech? Or How to deliver an extempore speech?

So here is the answer, if you are really a hardcore introvert like me then i will suggest you some points that will help you in situation speaking.

  1. I will tell you what… Its very hard for a speaker to speak about the topic that he/she doesn’t know. So you have to seek some ideas and example of extempore speech will definitely help you.
  2. What? : What the topic is all about? You can start your extempore speech by introducing the topics.
  3. Why?: Why that “topic” is important for people or what are the advantages and disadvantages of those topics.
  4. Current Affairs: Let the audience know about the current importance of that topic and we shall proceed or what we can do about it.


We have learnt what exactly extempore speech is and how to prepare for extempore speech. I have also shared an example post of extempore speech topics with answers that will surely help you to get the idea how to deliver impeccable speech without hesitation. If you want to win the competition do some research about topics and get some knowledge and conquer the competition.

Thank you For Reading this… I hope i can help you more… Please Mention some topics that i can write for you.

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