Top WooCommerce Interview Questions With Answers in 2018

When it comes to building a estore/ecommerce website through word press, woocommerce is the first and last choice. Since the advent of designing website through word press and proliferation of online buying and selling the use of woo commerce is increased.

It is a free plug-in that integrate with word press and let you do the hectic job of adding and management of products. Because its important and ideal way to build ecommerce website through wordpress companies require candidates regarding this job so they can perform the task related to woocommerce in order to build and update their virtual store.

If you are looking for website designer & web developer jobs then you must look/walkthrough on these woocommerce interview questions and answer so that you face no hurdle and get a job smoothly.


Basic WooCommerce Interview Questions and answer for Freshers

  1. What is Woocommerce/ Explain Woocommerce?

It is an open source free word press plugin that let you add products and build an attractive ecommerce website.

2. Do You need to pay money for woocommerce plugin?

It is free of cost plugin all you need to do is to go into the plugin section find woocommerce plugin install it and activate it. Go into this plugin wizard and configure it and save the settings.

3. What features are added to website after installing woocommerce plugin?

A shop and account page and checkout page is added after activating this plugin.

4. How to add products on woocommerce shop?

Log in to your wordpress panel> In the extreme left side below the woocommerce section click on products section> Add New product>publish Product

5. Where you can track your orders on woocommerce shop?

On the left side woocommerce section there is orders section where you will get all the statistics related to orders.


Advanced Interview questions and answer for Experienced Candidates

  1. How to add shipping method in woocommerce plugin?

To add shipping method go to products> shipping classes > add new shipping class + enter the slug>choose parent or child>describe the class> Click on Add new shipping class.

2. How to add variation in product in Woocommerce Products?

While adding products, on the product data section> select variable product>adding attributes to products>click add>save attribute> Click Variations>select add variation>Press Go> You will get the product data > add the variations.

3.How to bulk upload products on Woocommerce?

Download a Sample CSV file format> Create a CSV file> list products on CSV file> Upload CSV file by using CSV importer.

These are the question that is asked frequently in interviews, you can prepare that will definitely help you to impress the interviewer and land you in that company.

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