What is CPPP(Central Public Procurement Plan)?

Today You will get to know What is CPPP? its full form, about tenders, active and closed tenders today.

What is the full form of CPPP?

Central Public Procurement Plan

What is CPPP

Details Of Active Tenders, Tenders Opening today, Tenders Closing Today


What is CPPP?

It stands for Central Public Procurement Portal. It is a portal of Indian government that facilitates all the government organizations (central government) to publish their tender related queries, contract award details and corrigendum. Eprocure.gov.in/cppp is a portal that provides information related on procurements made across various central govt. organizations.

What is the objective/goal of CPPP?

The main objective of CPPP (Central Public Procurement Portal) is to provide information regarding tenders of Indian central government.

What would be all available in CPPP?

It contains all the tender related details that are currently provided by central government. It also includes various e tendering related sites and has all circulars/ GOs/OMs. It will also have the details of award of contract for all tenders which have been awarded.

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