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Canadian Local Citation Sites List – Add Your Business

Local listing/business listing is the best way to increase business by just adding your website to other top notch business listing sites in Canada. Whether you have a business in Canada or have business in other countries and planning to target Canada location. If your targeting country is Canada i.e you want to rank your website in Canada location then the best way is to add your business on Canadian websites so you will get citation (reference) from these top websites.

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Why to add business in Top Canada Business listing sites/local citation sites?

High Traffic

You need to add your business name/website on these websites because these website get daily a lot of local traffic; people use to visit these websites on daily basis. If they are visiting these websites, then it would be great to add your business/business name in these websites. People will get to know about your business, so the awareness will increase. So business listing in Canadian sites is the best way to gather traffic from Canada.


The second benefit is these websites are free. So what is better than free? There are also some paid websites, if you want to increase the visibility then you can pay to these websites and they will rank your website high on their portals. In free version they the benefits are restricted. So you can also go for paid business directory listing in Canadian sites.

Good for Search Engines

Local citations are the most important part of local SEO (search engine optimization, listing your business on these sites help in elevation of your local ranking. All you need to do is maintain the consistency on these location citation sites across the web on high domain authority websites. Just because of this, when someone search about your business locally then your website will appear to them.


So how listing your business online in Canada listing sites help in improving rank organically?

You will get link opportunity on these websites also; along with you will have to maintain NAP consistency so that search engines bots will be sure about your business location. It helps in improving the local business rankings. This is the most important step you should take in order to improve your business locally, get the reference from these citation sites by just adding business name or information.


So, how to list your business on these websites? What is the process?

All these websites have kind of same dashboard/panel where you can list your business.

All you need to do is:

1.Go to each websites in order to get high volume of traffic. Website listed below

2.You will see “add your business/list business” button on the website, after clicking you will get two options generally. Sign up or login. Create an account if you do not have one, otherwise do login.

  1. You will get information like:
  • Business Name
  • Description of your business
  • Business Address
  • Category of your business
  • Phone Number of the business
  • Business mail


Now you know how to list your business in Canadian websites, you are good to go. Try to add your business on all these Canadian local business directory listing sites.


Local Business listings sites in Canada/ Local Citation Sites

1 http://www.brownbook.net/ 101 http://ylm.ca/ylm/selectfilter.aspx
2 http://ca.misterwhat.com/ 102 http://ismailibiz.com/
3 http://www.cylex.ca/ 103 http://thecanadiandirectory.ca/
4 http://foundlocally.com/ 104 http://mydotca.ca/
5 http://www.fyple.ca/ 105 http://www.cylex.ca/
6 http://www.canadaone.com/ 106 http://www.canpages.ca/
7 http://www.salespider.com/ 107 http://www.smallbusinessconnect.ca/
8 https://www.discovercloud.com/ 108 http://www.yellowpages.ca/
9 http://ca.showmelocal.com/ 109 http://www.canadawebdirectory.com/
10 http://www.akama.com/ 110 http://strictly.ca/
11 http://tucando.com/ 111 http://canadaspace.com/
12 https://www.yelloyello.com 112 http://ziplocal.ca/
13 http://myhuckleberry.com/
14 http://www.mysheriff.ca/ 114 http://canada-directory.net/
15 http://www.ourbis.ca/en 115 http://www.businesscatalogue.ca/
16 http://www.profilecanada.com/ 116 http://canadawebdirectory.info/
17 http://www.hotfrog.ca/ 117 http://www.ctidirectory.com/
18 http://list-company.com/ 118 http://www.tradesourcing.com/
19 https://www.n49.com/ 119 http://www.yelp.ca/
20 http://zizics.com/ 120 http://www.goguild.com/
21 http://knowem.com/ 121 http://www.goldbook.ca/
22 http://smallbizpages.ca/ 122 http://www.mystore411.com/
23 http://findhere.ca/ 123 http://www.ourbis.ca/
24 http://www.yellowbot.com/ 124 http://www.n49.ca/
25 http://www.2findlocal.com/ 125 http://www.aroundont.com/
26 https://websites.ca/signup 126 http://www.dakitaki.com/
27 http://www.lacartes.com/ 127 http://www.brownbook.net/canada
28 https://fonolive.com/ 128 http://www.opendi.ca
29 https://www.fyple.ca/ 129 http://www.salespider.com
30 https://www.opendi.ca/ 130 http://www.tagzania.com
31 http://www.cdnpages.ca/ 131 http://www.myhuckleberry.com
32 http://company.fm/ 132 http://www.gigpark.com
33 http://ca.wowcity.com/ 133 http://www.guidespot.com
34 http://www.pathlegal.com/ 134 http://www.wand.com
35 http://ibegin.com/ 135 http://www.epage.com
36 https://www.opendi.ca 136 http://www.freebizads.ca
37 https://www.canadianplanet.net/ 137 http://www.list-of-companies.org
38 https://www.localstore.ca/ 138 http://www.foundlocally.com
39 https://www.canpages.ca/ 139 http://www.ibegin.com/
40 https://411.ca/ 140 http://www.angieslist.com
41 https://www.yelloyello.com/ 141 http://www.2findlocal.com
42 https://ca.enrollbusiness.com/ 142 http://www.tupalo.com
43 http://lawlink.com/ 143 http://www.partnerup.com
44 http://www.zipleaf.ca/ 144 http://www.rateitall.com
45 https://www.cybo.com/ 145 http://www.northernontariobusiness.com
46 http://www.canadianbusinessdirectory.ca/ 146 http://www.business-listings.com
47 https://www.wand.com/ 147 http://www.buyitcanada.com
48 https://www.yellowpages.ca/ 148 http://www.lookaly.com
49 https://www.yelp.ca/toronto 149 http://www.zeezo.com
50 http://www.spoke.com/ 150 http://www.ratemyarea.com
51 http://tupalo.com/ 151 http://www.yellowee.com
52 http://ca.bizadee.com/ 152 http://www.list-company.com
53 https://www.breken.com/ 153 http://www.yelloyello.com
54 https://everydentist.com/ 154 http://www.birectory.com
55 https://www.iglobal.co/ 155 http://www.findhere.ca
56 https://www.foundlocally.com/ 156 http://www.number.com
57 https://www.profilecanada.com/ 157 http://www.aaspaas.com
58 https://www.cylex-canada.ca/ 158 http://www.zipleaf.ca
59 https://www.hotfrog.ca/ 159 http://www.vendorland.ca
60 https://cdncompanies.com/add 160 http://www.forlocations.com
61 http://www.callupcontact.com/ 161 http://www.shopincanada.com
62 https://www.cibd.ca/ 162 http://www.canadianplanet.net
63 http://www.craigslist.org/ 163 http://www.yalwa.ca
64 http://www.canadawebdir.com/ 164 http://www.esourcecanada.com
65 https://www.411directoryassistance.ca/ 165 http://www.lowcountrytoday.com
66 http://www.dentistryinworld.com/ 166 http://www.idirectory.com
67 http://ca.dir.yahoo.com/ 167 http://www.cdnpages.ca
68 http://canlinks.net/ 168 http://www.bgyellowpages.com
69 http://www.ic.gc.ca/ 169 http://www.pinbud.ca
70 http://ca.getlisted.org/ 170 http://www.localstore.ca
71 http://www.phonepages.ca/ 171 http://www.socialstreets.com
72 http://411.ca/ 172 http://www.bigwigbiz.com
73 http://www.bizvineca.com/ 173 http://www.findsdirectory.com
74 http://www.smallbizpages.ca/ 174 http://www.reviewsource.ca
75 http://www.canadianbusinesslisting.com/ 175 http://www.iwebdirectory.ca
76 http://listingsca.com/ 176 http://www.localeconomy.ca
77 http://canadopedia.com/ 177 http://www.fyple.ca
78 http://winnipeg.kijiji.ca/ 178 http://www.expressbusinessdirectory.com
79 http://www.yell.com 179 http://www.pleelee.ca
80 http://www.tuugo.ca/ 180 http://www.canadapages.ca
81 http://canadadirectory.net/ 181 http://www.canada.bizfolders.com
82 http://www.canadaone.com/business/index.html 182 http://www.on-biz.ca
83 http://www.linkbyme.net/ 183 http://www.companylist.org
84 https://www.canadapages.com/ 184 http://canadawebconnection.com/
85 http://dentistfind.com/ 185 http://www.hvaclocal.com/
86 http://canteach.ca/links/index.html 186 http://www.integrityapproved.com
87 http://www.localsites.ca/ 187 http://www.mysheriff.ca
88 http://www.fxdirectory.ca/ 188 http://www.linksite.ca
89 http://canlookup.com/ 189 http://www.lookupcanadian.com
90 http://www.canada411.ca/ 190 http://www.bizlistdirectory.com
91 http://www.zoominfo.com/ 191 http://www.findabooking.com
92 http://www.weblocal.ca/ 192 http://www.theblurb.ca
93 http://www.manta.com/ 193 http://www.cibd.ca
94 http://www.superpages.com/ 194 http://www.mylocalbizsearch.com
95 http://canuckdirectory.com/ 195 http://www.findusfast.ca
96 http://www.znno.com/ 196 http://www.yellow-page-canada.com
97 http://citycatalogue.com/ 197 http://www.yellowpage-britishcolumbia.com
98 http://canadurl.ca/ 198 http://www.revark.com
99 http://canadian-web-directory.com/ 199 http://www.facebookyellowpages.com
100 http://businesssupport.ca/ 200 http://www.websearchportal.net
201 http://www.isoguide.com
202 http://www.megapages.net
203 http://www.wampit.net
204 foursquare.com

[table id=50 /]


Improve your local visibility of your online business by just adding your website on above listing high domain authority websites. Don’t forget to add your business on Google my business listing because this first and foremost thing in improving your local business ranking i.e. local search engine optimization. Your listed business on google my business will definitely appear in local search. These websites are the local citation sources on internet. Finding good business directory sites on internet is somehow difficult.



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