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Hello friends, today you will know about computer courses. This is a complete/detailed guide of courses. In this post you will learn about the all types of courses and their future scope.

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Links of Computer Courses:

      1. MS office Courses
      2. Data Entry Course
      3. Tally ERP
      4. Hardware & Networking
      5. Shorthand Course
      6. C Language Course
      7. C#
      8. .Net Framework
      9. O Level
      10. Java Course
      11. MATLAB
      12. Oracle DBA
      13. Cyber Law
      14. Graphic Designing
      15. Big Data Analytics
      16. Android Application
      17. Software Testing
      18. SAP
      19. Python
      20. Cloud Computing
      21. Digital marketing


You already know that computers became the part of our daily life. Without computer we can’t imagine easy life. Now you can easily send a document from one corner to the other corner of the world in seconds. There are almost all work a computer can do, that normal humans can’t like: calculation (complex), can store massive memory and so on. This is “era of Computer”.

You might be confused about a computer course can give you a job or not? Which computer course is the best course for you? Is doing a computer course really worth? If these questions are revolving in your mind then you must read this entire article.

computer courses

Job opportunities after Computer Courses?

Computer education is the most important if you want to build up your career or want to get a job. Today It is not  easy to get a job with regular education. You probably have heard your relatives saying like: “Koi Computer se related course kar le beta.” Or you probably have tried for a typing/data entry (part time job) in summer vacation. Whether you want to earn money online or want to do Part Time/Full Time Job, you should try these courses.

But can earn money online- get a part time – and even a full time job in reputed company by simply doing a computer course?

Would you believe if i tell that you will get a job (Part time/Full time) even you can earn money online after doing a computer course. If you are not thinking so, then today we will tell you about all types of computer courses and what are the benefits of doing them.

Here is the name of all computer courses:

Microsoft Office Courses

MS (Microsoft) office has become the backbone of every industry, MS office makes difficult task easier by making data organised and can store important information/database which is very helpful. If you do this course then it can prove your level of proficiency.


MS office course Includes:

  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • Access
  • Outlook
  • SharePoint
  • One Note
  • Office 365

Certification after course: MOS (Microsoft Office specialist)

Eligibility: 10th Pass

Data Entry Operator Course

data entry operator


This comes 2nd in this list. It is also a popular short term course. In this course you will learn how to enter data (costumer/account) accurately in a given time limit. You will have to update, maintain, store, correction of errors in the data. The data could be any type: surveys data, demographics (age & gender), location wise, sales plans, advertising plans, medical procedures etc.

Eligibility: 12th pass out in any stream

Certification: Yes

Tally ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) 9.0 For GST/Financial Accounting

Would you like to be a junior accountant?

You could go for tally ERP which is the renowned tool for accounting that helps a business to manage their account & finance related work and a lot other things a tally can do.

Tally ERP 9 is a software that used for handling accounts, inventory and for tax management.


What you will learn in Tally ERP?

  • How to create billing entry
  • Maintenance of Payroll
  • Banking (Printing of Cheques, maintain cheque register, slips etc.)
  • GST(Goods and service tax) creation and maintainence
  • GST Return creation
  • Reporting (payroll reports, statutory reports, job work etc.)
  • Ratio analysis

Scope: After the implementation of GST (Goods & Service tax) tally becomes the most important software for all types of business whether the business is small, medium size or a large business. It becomes necessary to all of them to calculate the GST. So you can imagine the scope of this course.

Certification: Yes (6 Tally certifications)

Hardware & Networking Course

This course will help you to know about hardware components (Computer parts) & how computers are connected and how they exchange data/information to each other. If you are curious about how computer devices: mouse, printer, RAM, motherboard, hard disk (storage disk), graphic card, keyboard, printer etc. works and how they communicate each other. After the course completion you will know about how to resolve networking (wireless & cable media) & hardware related issues.

hardware and networking course


What you will learn in this course?

  • Introduction about computers
  • Deep knowledge of hardware and networking devices
  • Inside the PC (personal computer)
  • Introduction to server and network security
  • Cabling and switching

Scope: Each and every company has computers and networking devices. If a devices get worse then who will maintain them? Answer is: Hardware and network engineer. So now probably you know the future of hardware and networking scope.

Shorthand course

This course is all about speed. I mean whether you are typing or writing you must have to do quickly/speedily. Even you can abbreviate (shorten a word) in your own understanding. All you have to do is to speed up and increase your writing speed. This course is needed in job like stenographer. In the job market there is a lot of demand of a person who knows shorthand. If you want to know more about what is shorthand?


What you will learn in shorthand course?

  • Shorthand fast
  • Shorthand faster
  • Teeline Fast shorthand
  • Speed writing workshop training
  • Pitman shorthand
  • Gregg shorthand
  • Speedwriting

C language Course

Here comes the coding part. It is a programming (creating computer programs) language in which you will create list of computer instruction with coding. If you are logic lover or coding lover than you must do this course.

c language programming

What in C Course?

  • Overview of programming languages from starting
  • Setting & installing C languages
  • Data types, variables & Constants
  • Statements
  • Functions in C
  • Loops in C
  • Pointer
  • Preprocessor
  • Strings
  • Array
  • Data structure

Eligibility: Basic Computer skills + 12th pass

C#(C Sharp)

Do you want to become a software programmer? Then you should think about this course. It is the most popular & fastest growing programming language. You will learn how to code, problem solving through writing codes that runs on .Net framework.

C# course

Course Content

  • Fundamentals of C# (See Sharp)
  • How to code & reuse
  • Control & flow of loops
  • Operators & expressions
  • Object oriented programming
  • .NET interfaces & collection
  • Interfaces & exceptions

Eligibility: Knowledge of C + 12th pass


.Net Framework

It is open source platform. With the knowledge of .Net framework you can create different types of web applications. With .NET you can share information between websites. .NET connects information, system, and devices through application.

Difference between C# and .NET

O level course (DOEACC-O)

It is a government approved course. This course is equivalent to higher secondary (12th class). It is just a basic course that helps in getting a computer related jobs. But if you want a job in MNC (Multi-national companies) then you have to pass the “A” level & “CCC” level exam which is conducted by DOEACC (department of electronics & accreditation of computer classes) society.

This is a mixture of computer technical & management course. The best thing of the course is government approved (DOEACC) which gives accreditation to other universities/institutions.

o level course

Course content

  • IT tools & business system
  • Internet technology & Web design
  • Introduction to ICT & Multimedia
  • Application of .NET technology

Eligibilty: 12th class


Java Course

It is also a programming language that is used to create applications & platforms. It is open source (freely available anyone can be inspect, modify). Java is everywhere in computer, mobile devices application. The benefits of java over other languages are easy to debug, write & compile (code run).

java course

Course content

  • Introduction to java programming
  • JSDK Director Structure
  • Introduction to Eclipse & debugging
  • Fundamentals of Java programming (Loops, expressions, Variables, strings & arrays)
  • Objects & classes
  • Using java objects
  • Inheritance & packages
  • Exception handling
  • I/O streams & Core collection classes

Eligibilty: 12th pass + basic programming language knowledge in c

Scope: Because of automation and uses of digital technologies, it becomes very demanding. There are a numerous job opportunities and it is the highest paid field.  Many IT companies are looking for java programmers who can handle multiple projects. It is evergreen field.

MATLAB (Matrix Laboratory)

MATLAB is a high level language (document contains the executive summary) which has so many tool boxes which makes our task easier. Easier but how? Calculation, numerical computation & visualization. These things a MATLAB can do. The basic building block of MATLAB is matrix.

MATLAB course

Course content:

  • MATLAB toolboxes
  • Introduction to MATLAB Interfaces
  • Handling data & data flow
  • File editing, correction & debugging
  • Creation of 2D &3D plots
  • Differentiation & integration
  • Creation of curves
  • Introduction to GUI (Graphic user interface)
  • Introduction to MATLAB Toolboxes
  • Data acquisition & signal processing
  • Introduction to SIMULINK



You will definitely get a job if you are skilled because MATLAB has application that you will learn in every branch engineering. The job will be in these areas: modeling and simulation, scientific graphics and data analysis.


Database is the main assets of a business/organization. In DBA(data base administrator) the main work will be about organizing, storing, maintaining, installation and how to retrieve in case of loss of data. You will start this course by learning SQL (Structured query language) which is a programming language in which you learn how to write database queries.

oracle DBA course

Course content

  • Introduction to Oracle DBA
  • How to create database
  • Table space management
  • User management
  • Storage parameters
  • Undo Management & Spfile
  • Networking in oracle
  • Redo log & control file management
  • Logical & physical backup
  • Performance tuning

Eligibilty: 12th pass

Scope: Companies are spending money continuously to securing & maintaining their database. Future prospects of DBA (data base administrator) is great in IT industry like: eCommerce websites, ISP(internet service providers, data processing warehouses etc.)


Cyber law/ Cyber security course

Do you want to become a cyber lawyer?

To increase the awareness of cyber/digital world and cyber law, Indian law institute which is in Delhi is offering online cyber law certification course.  It has in a great demand because of digitalization. A cyber lawyer gets a handsome salary + highest reputable job as well.

cyber lawyer courseCourse contents:

  • Introduction to internet and online resources
  • Introduction to cyber law
  • Cyber law in India
  • Regulatory framework
  • International legal regime
  • Ecommerce
  • IPR issues
  • Trademark issues

Scope: Many private companies will hire you as a legal advisor, lawyer, and cyber assistant & cyber lawyers.  Companies like: corporate firms, public departments, law firms, IT departments etc.

Eligibility: 12th + Graduation in any stream (LLB+LLM)>cyber lawyer

Graphic designing course (Adobe Photoshop, AutoCAD, Corel draw, Adobe Illustrator)

It is the process of visual representation/visual communication. Communicate through visual things like: symbols, images and text. Describing your thoughts through visual designing: designing of images, logo creation, PDF creation and many more stuff a graphic designer can do. Graphic designing is very lucrative field, a course that might look at.

Adobe Photoshop Course

Without any doubt the career in Adobe photoshop is limitless. You can design anything with adobe photoshop. What you can do with adobe photoshop is:  basic+ advanced image editing, merge two photographs with each other.  What you can imagine, you can do with Photoshop.

adobe photoshop courseCourse content:

  • Introduction to Adobe Photoshop
  • Correction & manipulation of Photoshop
  • Introduction to typography
  • Creative artworks in Photoshop
  • Digital painting
  • Introduction to Matte painting & compositing techniques
  • Creation of animation & 3d images

AutoCAD Course

AutoCAD (automatic computer aided design) is a tool/software that is used for creating 2d drawings, paintings, drawing, and blueprint for buildings, bridges and also for computer microchips. Mostly this tools is used in wide range of industries, by project managers, engineer and by architects.

autocad course

Course contents:

  • Introduction to 2D AutoCAD
  • Introduction to 3D AutoCAD
  • How to create 3D Objects in AutoCAD
  • Plotting & printing Designs
  • Rendering in AutoCAD

Corel draw Course

A vector graphics editor that is used to make vector art (easy to enlarge with no loss of quality). The main difference between Corel draw and adobe photoshop is that photoshop is raster image editor.

corel draw courseCourse content of corel draw

  • Introduction to corel draw
  • Working with Outlines, lines & Shapes
  • Introduction to objects
  • Working with colors & fillings
  • Introduction to tables
  • Introduction to layers
  • Working with attractive text
  • Introduction to basic and advanced bitmaps

Adobe Illustrator Course:

Corel draw get hefty competition from Adobe illustrator which is also vector graphics editor software. Now adobe has strengthen himself in the market very well so the demand of Corel draw is bit decreased.

Corel draw vs illustrator scope

Video editing course (Adobe premiere pro, Adobe After Effect)

It is a process of editing the segments of video (recording of moving visual images), special effects & sound effects in post production process. It is the best course you can pursue…

You will learn video editing from adobe premiere pro which is a renowned video editing tool of today’s era.  You can create stunning videos from this professional video editing tool.

Video editing courseCourse contents

  • How to stabilize the shaky videos?
  • Introduction to editing of video
  • Adjust size & position of Video
  • Adding video & Audio Transitions
  • Introduction to color correction
  • Introduction to grading & parametric EQ effect
  • Motion in Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Introduction to advance premiere pro& Visual Effects
  • Green Screen Editing


Eligibility: 12th Pass

Scope:  You will get placement in TV, film/movies, multimedia industries, advertising, website designing companies and many more areas where a video editor can find a job. Even you can also earn money from home by video editing. If you know video editing you don’t have to do work for others. You don’t have to worry about its scope because a graphic designer needs in almost every industry. Advertisement industry, web designing & print industry are the areas where a graphic designer cans a get job easily.

Adobe After effects

After effects another tool from Adobe that is used in post production, motion graphics and to develop application that is developed by other adobe products. Mainly it is used in film making or editing the recorded videos.
Example: You have seen the spider man movie. The web that you have seen in that movie created by after effects.

With having a lot of job options in video editing and graphic designing adobe after effects gives you a chance to earn money as a freelancer. There are hundreds of website on the google, from where you can grab the projects.

Video editor earn a handsome salary average of 2,80,000 per year.

Big Data Analytics Course

Big data analytics is the analysis of a large amount of data. It  means big amount of structured & unstructured data that we are generating in our daily life which can be used further for analysis.

What you have to do in this field is to analyze the huge amount of data so you can reveal the trends, patters and the behavior.big data analytics

Course content

  • Importance of Data
  • Introduction to Big data concept
  • Data storage analysis
  • Pub-sub & grid computing
  • Introduction to Hadoop
  • Introduction to HDFS architechture
  • Creating Cluster
  • YARN
  • Apache Hive
  • Apache PIG
  • Impala
  • Installation of Apache Hadoop on Ubuntu



Knowledge of programming language like Java, python & 1-year experience in IT field.

Android application development course

It is a process of developing a mobile application to a user can access on various platforms such as Android, iOS, RIM etc. Since after the trend of Smartphone in India the course becomes very popular amongst students. Well, it’s totally based on Java programming. If you are familiar with java then it would be a plus point otherwise hard work is the other option.

app development course

Scope: A lot of options will get unlocked by doing this course such as you can stand your own business by providing app development services to the companies. However, this industry requires manpower and there is a shortage of manpower. So there is an ample of chances for students when it comes to doing a job. You can also earn money online as an app developer.

Eligibility: Require knowledge of the concept of C, C++ & Java programs language. Minimum 12th pass

Technical Background: It would be easy if you knew of computer programming.

Non-technical: For a student who has non -technical background they can also do this course in order to become a mobile app developer you have to do a lot of hard work and start with some primary things basic of C & c++.


Course content of App development course:
  • UI creation
  • Buttons & Text views
  • List views and board games
  • User interface creation
  • SQLite database manipulation
  • Introduction to API’s & JSON objects
  • Database handling
  • Network data fetching

Software testing – Selenium & QTP

Software testing is all about to evaluate or to check the functionality of a software. Tester test the software 360 degree to ensure that software is working properly or fault free. One should have good analytical and logical skills to become a software tester. Course starts with basic fundamentals of software testing to the advanced concepts along with you will get the knowledge of tools such as QTP and selenium.

This course would be very helpful for experienced candidates/ working professional or for who have done graduation.


Selenium is a software or open source software(anyone can inspect, modify and enhance) used for automating the test carried out on browsers like: chrome, mozialla firefox. Tests written on languages like, java, python,ruby, PHP, C# and Perl.

What you will learn in software testing course?

  • Manual Testing
  • Automated Testing and its tools
  • Mobile software testing
  • Cloud Computing testing
  • Database testing
  • Unix System testing

QTP (Quick Test Professional)

QTP stands for quick test professional by HP company. It is commercial tool whereas selenium is an open source software. QTP is used for testing the client server applications along with desktop applications whereas selenium is used only to test web application. QTP supports only VB script language.

Course Content of QTP

  • Advantages of QTP(Quick test professional)
  • Information about objects
  • Creating Test on Web Application
  • Information about custom checkpoints
  • How to verify standard checkpoints
  • How to solve object recognition issues

Eligibilty: B.Tech, BCA, MCA


SAP stands for System applications and products, it is an ERP(Enterprise Resource planning) software that helps in managing complicated business operations like: maintaining customer relationship, paying bills and tracking of budget along with managing day to day tasks.

SAP Computer course

Eligibility: Student must have computer, finance, accounting, business administration and system engineering related background.

Course Content

  • What is mySAP?
  • What is Netweaver?
  • commodity management
  • Inventory and delivery processes
  • Human Capital Management
  • Financial & Logistics Handling


SAP is booming at the time in India if you have prior working experience or have MBA degree in your pocket then it would be definitely a good choice.
You will get a globally recognised certificate will be an add on in your resume.
There are two parts of SAP
1.SAP BASIS = If you are good in administration then go for it.
2.SAP ABAP= If you are coding lover then opt this.



It is also a high level, object oriented programming lanaguage used to create GUI application, mobile applications and websites. It’s great for web development many popular web applications like google, quora, youtube, instagram using python.

python computer course

Python is very demanding today and the demand will increase in future as well, if you want to get paid high, then you should choose python.

What you will learn in python?

  • Fundamentals of Python
  • Python Basics- GUI, Command Line arguements
  • Introduction to variables and data types
  • Loops- While, Do While, For
  • Functions
  • Modules and packages
  • Exception handling
  • Regular expression
  • Socket programming
  • Classes and objects

Cloud Computing (SalesForce, Amazon Web Services)

Cloud computing is internet based computing in which the data and resources are shared/retrieved on the demand of computer and mobile devices.
The data is stored in clouds, you need not store the database in your devices or hard drives.

cloud computing computer course


It is a CRM(customer relationship management) software which helps companies not to go in the hectic process of – Buying and setting up of hardware, installation of complex software, setting up of reporting & analytics. With salesforce you can do at one place with easy to use interface.

salesforce computer course
Course Content of Salesforce
  • Introduction to salesforce
  • Sales Cloud
  • What is quote template?
  • What is field types?
  • Salesforce Objects
  • Validation rules
  • Workflow rules
  • Role Hierarchy
  • Security controls
  • Lightning components
  • Chatter
  • Data Management

AWS(Amazon Web Services)

It is also cloud computing platform like salesforce product of Amazon company. Salesforce is a PaaS(Platform as a Service) hosted on the cloud, whereas AWS is a IaaS(infrastructure as a Service), PaaS and SaaS(Software as a Service). AWS is technically advanced cloud computing platform than salesforce, but both are equally important as a career point of view.

amazon web services computer course
Course Content of AWS
  • Introduction to AWS
  • What is Amazon EC2
  • Load Balancing
  • Object storing options
  • Database services
  • Application services
  • What is AWS Lambda
  • DevOps on AWS

Scope of AWS & Salesforce:

The scope of AWS & salesforce is vast and it’s the most demanding IT course and it will rise continously in the future. AWS certification will help you getting the job in this field.
The annual salary package could be 12 lakh – 19 Lakhs.

Digital Marketing

Now its time to know about the best computer course of this era…. It’s digital marketing. Yes, Digital marketing is the best course nowadays to learn. It doesn’t require any kind of prerequisite(basic knowledge). All you need to have is creative approach, organising and planning skills. It’s basically a short term certification computer course but some institute also offers long term 1 year diploma course in internet marketing.

digital marketing computer course

Who can do this course?
  • Students(After 10th or 12th)
  • Job Seekers
  • Business Owners
  • Housewives
  • Senior Citizens/ Retired Individuals
What you will learn in this course?
  • SEO(Search Engine Optimization)
  • SMM(Social Media Marketing)
  • PPC(Pay Per click)
  • Email Marketing
  • Web Designing By WordPress
  • Video Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Online reputation Management
  • Freelancing

Scope of the course:
Digital marketing is the hottest field to choose. You can see that a lot of business are advertising on youtube and their billions and trillions of website. So business owners are investing money to promote these areas, so they will get business in return. You can search jobs on you will get to know there are alot of jobs available + you will also learn how to earn money online.

Eligibility/Requirement: No Essential requirement needed. All you need to know how to operate facebook or have interest of internet surfing.

Scope of This course for business owners:

Since the advent of internet users now every business is going digital. Business can’t survive with marketing especially digital marketing. Most of the internet user spend time on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram etc. Through digital marketing you can target them on these platforms.
You probably have seen ads on YouTube which may or may not have skip this ad in 6 second option. Who runs them? Yes, A digital marketer. So you need not worry about the job. There are a lot of jobs available on naukri portals.

What after digital marketing?

  • Get a Job
  • Start your own business
  • Earn Money Part Time/Full at Home
  • Earn Money as a freelancer

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