All About Elocution Speech | What To Focus & How To Deliver?


You already know the meaning of speech… aren’t you? Well if you don’t… allow me to define you what speech exactly is?

Speech is an ability of human or the expression to express his/her thoughts & feelings by talking, speaking or verbal communication is called speech. A lecture/formal discourse that is delivered to or in front of an audience is called public speaking.

Speech is something that you speak, talk… isn’t it? But what is elocution?

I have heard this word from my smaller cousin brother. He told me that his teacher asked him to give an elocution speech. He said will you help me to prepare it?

I said OK… But I didn’t know what elocution exactly is? That was the word of the day to me… I have started searching on google… website to website but didn’t get any clear definition. So finally after exploring a lot of web pages on internet then i got to know about elocution. So today, I will give you a brief about elocution and it will definitely save your precious time.

What is Elocution OR Elocution speech?

Definition of elocution: Elocution is the way or the manner of speaking or in simple words elocution is the skill of delivering the clear and expressive speech.

Example: Like Two actors deliver dialogues in a variety of elocution(style of speaking).

Elocution focuses on grammar, style of speaking, tone, proper use of gestures, stand and dress.

It is one of the five core disciplines of pronunciation in western classic rhetoric(combination of argumentation and persuasion).

Elocution Speech(style of delivering speech)

If you still want to go into the depth or you still don’t get the difference between elocution and speech.. then read this..

What is the difference between elocution and speech?

  1. Speech is the oral expression whereas elocution is the style of delivering speech.
  2. Speech is the expression of opinions whereas the elocution is the manner of speaking or the way that is effective and socially acceptable.

Difference between speech and elocutionWhy Elocution OR elocution speech is important?

It is an art that can help you to stand out in the crowd. You have seen a lot of public speaker, who speaks very well and mainly they use gestures. Like You probably have heard some great speakers, you love listening them because they deliver elocution speech. They focus on their gestures, vocabulary, emphasis, voice modulation and posture to increase the effectiveness of the speech to describe the topics.

The main objective of elocution speech is to check or evaluate these things in a person:

  • Grammar
  • Pronunciation
  • Vocabulary
  • Posture
  • Gestures
  • Oration skill
  • Diction
  • Accent

Importance of Elocution Speech

Elocution speech is very important in our day to day life or when it comes to art of public speaking it’s a lethal weapon. How? We have seen so many speeches and what we have noticed… if your speech is boring and speaking in a constant pace, people will get easily bored. Expressive speech always draw audience’s attention, this is elocution speech does.

Example: People love stories… everybody loves stories.. let’s say you are telling a story to the crowd and if you are using gestures, using grammar, emphasise on particular phases, having decent accent, pronouncing, articulating and have ample of words to use(vocabulary)…. then it will create an impact amongst your listeners. Because if you are using these things, then your speech will be very clear and expressive.  All the listener will be very thankful to you.

How to deliver elocution speech like a pro?

If you are an eloquent speaker it can add four moons to your success, whether you are working in a company or a businessman, student or whatever you are if you can describe yourself or about topics very well, people will love talking to you. This can create difference and help you to reach to new heights of your career. Or maybe you are here and how to win an elocution speech competition… you need not to worry about, so today I will teach you how to deliver elocution speech or how you can become a eloquent speaker.

Sit back tight and read the whole guide.

Note: Most of the humans are eloquent speakers by birth but if you are not, then the only way to become an eloquent speaker is to listen, observe and do practice on a daily basis.

First of all, you need to start your speech with salutations to audience or dignitaries.
Then you have to start the topic…
Remember, Speech with great openings will always led to win you the game/competition.

Like: I am ABC here to speak on this XYZ topic… or can start with a joke or with a poem.

Note: The first 10-20 seconds plays a crucial role in every speech.
The idea of elocution speech is to find out the clarity of diction, thoughts in your mind and the way you are delivering the speech.

Conclusion is also important, it makes your speech complete and show your attitude, confidence and knowledge about the topic to audience.


We need to explore the things first that is required for elocution speech…

These below mentioned things are required to become an eloquent speaker.


Elocution Lessons To Learn | What to Focus?


You have to have grammatically correct when you are speaking formally.  Focus on your grammar portion. Do practice daily, get a good command of tenses, focus more on conjunction along with gap fillers.


If you want to improve your pronunciation skills then follow these tips:

Listen, Listen, Listen & Listen…

Notice how your lips and tongue moves and compare yourself with the speaker.

Record your voice and listen it.



Vocabulary is as much important as the style in elocution. Words are the currency of communication, you can’t neglect the importance of vocabulary. Add a new word daily into your vocab hub.



Gestures can help audience or listener to know your feeling directly. With hand gestures you can help other people understand your main point in a quickest way. Gestures describe your style of talking and this is the main pillar of elocution. Plus it can make a conversation smooth.



The movement of your eyes, mouth and facial muscles speaks about your body language. Maintaining a good body posture is also very important in elocution speech.

Practice in front of mirror and you will become an effective eloquent speaker.



We have learnt all about elocution, its definition how to prepare for elocution speech. Candidates who are have elocution speech competition then they must look on topics that could be ask in competition. Master the art of oral communication by doing practice on daily basis.

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