Pedagogical Skills : Management & Content Related Skills


All of us learn throughout our lives. As we grow, we learn. We learn from everything we see, we hear or we feel. We can say learning is a lifetime process. Do you know when we learn the best and the most? The answer is when someone teaches us. Ever imagined your life without a teacher? Terrible right?

Teaching is an art, because a teacher gives shape to one’s life and personality. He helps you to find the best version of yourself.

What is pedagogical skill?

Not everybody can become a teacher. One has to know how student grab/learn and what problems they . So teaching the students or being able to convey message amongst students in a way that student can understand is called pedagogical skills. In simple words, Pedagogical skills involve being able to convey ones knowledge and skills in a manner that everyone can understand, remember and apply by their own. A person with pedagogical skills can be the best teacher, guide or mentor to someone.

what is pedagogical skill

It can be divided generally into two parts & types of pedagogical skill.

    • Classroom management skills
    • Content related skills


What is Classroom Management Pedagogical Skills?

While talking about the classroom, we are considering teacher, student and the atmosphere of the classroom. During classroom management skill, behaviour management is the most important and difficult part. A teacher has to maintain discipline in the classroom, he has to keep the students motivated and let them meet with their goals, and it will only be possible when the teacher will create a learning environment by using his communicative activity and creative potential. To do these things properly, a teacher must know his students –not just academically, what their interests are, their personality and their learning styles personally.

What is Content Related Pedagogical Skills?

Moving on to the content related skills, the term emphasis with an education researcher, Lee Shulman(1986).  According to him, the key to distinguishing the knowledge base of teaching rested at the intersection of content and pedagogy. He proposed following elements of content related skills.

  • Content knowledge
  • Teaching strategies
  • Curriculum knowledge
  • Educational contexts knowledge
  • Knowledge of the purpose of education.

In order to be a pedagogically skilled teacher one must care of certain points, such as:

  • There should be student voice and student consultation.
  • Problem solving session and inquiry session.
  • Practical activities and experiential way of learning.
  • Cooperative method of learning and group work.
  • Connecting prior knowledge with new information.
  • Working together with older students.

In short, pedagogical skills are essential part of teaching, by using these skills you can share your knowledge in a better way with your students and student will also feel comfortable.

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