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From Where The Consulting Begins...

01 . Analyze

The first work that I will do is proper analysis. The main work is 360 degree detailed audit for your business, so I can create a blueprint or a roadmap for your business.

02. The Competition

After auditing your business the next thing that I will follow is the competition analysis, how and what you have to do outrank your competitors.

03. Picking The Right Strategy

After deep analysis/audit of you and your competitor business. I will create a blueprint /right plan for your business that will make you ahead from competition.

04. Execution & Regular Checks

And here comes the last part. You will have a clear plan of how your business will grow. Periodically performance check will help in continuous growth of your business.

Your Website Traffic Stats Could Be Like This...

  • SEO Traffic
  • PPC Traffic

My work begins by conducting audit of your website and then I’ll develop and implement a marketing strategy according to needs and the budget. I’ll identify industry trends and new opportunities, will do the necessary testing’s and can develop scalable internet marketing solutions. At the end I will evaluate and do the regular examinations & the consistency of quality across all your digital marketing channels.

If your business is not providing what you want exactly or you want to expand it more further then you must hire a consultant. A consultant can save your time and money. Why you bear a cost of hiring full time employees? You need to hire a digital marketing consultant instead of it. A consultant can help you to teach your team about the latest recommendations in all the digital marketing campaigns on which currently you are working.

Areas Where We Work...

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Ranking on Search engines is the best part and the important in all digital marketing channels. Because it is free, it takes time and a lot of hard efforts. I will make your path easier by giving the right direction and some manual recommendations to your business.  Giving you the idea that boost your organic/free/ search traffic.

PPC (Pay Per Click)

Whether you have a new or have an old adwords(PPC) account, the reality is that your PPC account need optimization. Deep dive into your adwords account, some manual checks, what is wrong? How to be done? This is what I will perform. Dedicated consultant that reduced CPC by 35%, increase brand value & ROI(Return on investment).

Customer Retention & Acquisition

What is more important nowadays? The harder is to bring new customer, the more difficult to retain the existing ones. Customer retention leads to consistent growth. If not done well can cost you high. Increased customer retention rates by 30%, help companies to achieve better conversion rates.

Social Media Marketing/Advertising

Social media is one of the important channels of internet marketing. Your most of the customer are active on social media channels.  I’ll audit every aspect of your social media channels whether it is: Google+, facebook, instagram, linkedin, twitter, Pinterest etc. to get a complete picture of where your business stand now.

Roles & Responsibilities of a Digital Marketing Consultant = What i Work?

  1. Writing growth plan, strategic analysis that leads to great outcomes.
  2. Team building, collaborative and strategic approach.
  3. Responsible for analyze, tracking and monitoring of your business.
  4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Perform ongoing keyword discovery, research, competitor analysis, development and implementation of link building strategy.
  5. Website designing: Recommend changes related to website architecture, optimize copy of landing pages and lead capture structure.
  6. PPC (pay per click/paid marketing): CRO (conversion rate optimization), quality score improvement, bid management, ad copy writing and CTR (click through rate) boosting.
  7. Ability to write LSI (latent semantic indexing)/ engaging content for your website and for social media channels.
  8. Social media marketing: can create social media budget planning, strategy and help you to expand your company social media presence.
  9. Email marketing: Can analyze email marketing campaigns, designing of email and can carry out segmentation of the database.
  10. Site Visit/ and Work Analysis (On your physical location).

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