Elocution Speech Topics List For College Students – Class 10th – Class 8th

Are you searching some best elocution topics for your school, college elocution competition or for job interviews? It might be hard to find a good subject/discourse which you and your audience like, if your audience love the topic that you are preparing for, can help you in winning the competition. If you love the speech topic then it would be easy for you to get a good grip on the topic. That why its very important that for an ideal speech is to find a good topic. Some other factors should also consider when you are searching for a good topic. That’s why i have created this blog post so that you will get to know about some good elocution speech topics that you and your audience find interesting. Before knowing the topics you must know the importance of a good topic or what makes a good speech topic.

Why you need a Good English elocution speech topic?

I am going to share three factors, why is it important to find a good topic…

1. Connect With your Audience

It will give you a chance to connect better with audience. Well, you need to know what type of audience the speech you are delivering to.Don’t choose anything that doesn’t suits your audience mood. You should also consider the knowledge and education of your audience.

2. Neither Simple Nor Complex Topic

Don’t choose speech topics that is easy for your audience, your audience will understand quickly and you will end up repeating sentences again and again.If you choose complex topic that is hard, so it would be hard for you to inform your audience.

3. Pick a Topic that you love to deliver or passionate about

You will be more excited to deliver that topic amongst your audience and will be more confident. If you are confident, then you will use gestures to describe effectively.You probably got the idea that why you need a good topic. So now i am going to share you best elocution speech topics.

Elocution Speech

I have categorised elocution/persuasive speech topics

Best topics for elocution speech

1Topics List
2Scenario After death
3Meeting with a Superstar
4Living in 22nd Century
5Trip to Science Museum
6in Vetican City
7Life as a Rich
8Life as a Poor
9Role of Gabbar
10Encounter with God
11Reached late in office
12Encounter to a Ghost
13Newton Sitting under apple tree
14Child Labour
15Caveman in 21st century(Very Complex)
16Gender Discrimination
17Race Discrimination
18A courageous student
19Gang of Goons
20Jesus in Dream
21Nervousness before speech
22Proposed a girl
23World Become opposite(Women becomes men)
24World Become opposite(Birds are walking, snakes are flying)
25Fall Down 6 Times, stand up seven
26Travelling in a Beautiful Garden
27Convince Parents for Love marriage

Elocution topics for college students

S.NoTopic List
1Time Travel
2Proposed a girl
3Gang of Goons
4Caveman in 21st century(Very Complex)
5Gender Discrimination
6Race Discrimination
7What elders feel, young not
8Roleplay of a historical hero
9Wedding of Yours
10Convince Parents for Love marriage
11Dealing with negative person
12How to sell a comb to a bald
13College Professor To students

Elocution topics for class 10th

S.NoTopics List
1Life of differently abled person
2Walking in a Beautiful Garden
3Time Travel
4Waking up Late
5Casual Dress in School
6Thunderstorm and lightning
7Time Travel in Future
8Dealing with negative person
9A visit to moon
10A visit to zoo

List of Elocution topics for class 8 & junior KG

If you are searching topics for your kids then you should take care and consider the interests of your children.

S.NoTopics List
1Life of differently able person
2Travelling in a Beautiful Garden
3Walking in a Beautiful Garden
4What would i do if you met to doraemon
5Time Travel
6Waking up Late
7Lost in Space
8We play Cricket, baseball, {game} together
9Late for School
10Casual Dress in School
11Thunderstorm and lightning
12My father is king
13A visit to zoo
14Lizards are flying

Current topics for elocution competition

S.NoTopics List
1Travelling in a Beautiful Garden
2How i can stop the TV Violence
3Life Without internet
4A day without internet
5Social network and our young generation
6Space Travel
7Impact of Demonetization on Businessmen's
8A day of Athiest
9Why internet is better than books?
10Your Life Experiences in life
11Importance of Money

Elocution topics in hindi

You can convert above mentioned topics into hindi and can prepare for speech. All you need to write your speech effectively and work on your gestures more and more.

Topics List
Importance of Hindi
Organ donation(ang ka daan)
Meri Maa
Paiso ka mahatav

Tell us in the comment section below.. Do you like it or not? If you have some new elocution/persuasive speech topics then you can comment below, we will add you in the list.

Find out the topics in the list of best elocution topics for college students, class 8th, 10th and elocution topics in hindi.

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